Bica Slideshow

Bica’s Pedigree 

What’s in a name – We had multiple themes going in picking out a name for a cute black puppy from Becky Jack of Nipntuck Labradors. We had a coffee theme going ourselves. Our first Labrador was Mocha, a wonderful chocolate girl who lived 14.5 years. Our second Labrador was Java, another wonderful chocolate girl who is 11 years and counting. Our third Labrador was Kona, who lived a short but very full life. So we wanted to add another coffee-related name and chose, Arabica. We decided to call her Bica (pronounced bee’ kah) for short. The Nipntuck theme wanted to have the word “star” in the name. We racked our brains for a long time trying to think of something that would fit Bica, and finally came up with Jumpstart as that’s what coffee does for you – gives you a “jumpstart”. And that’s how Nipntuck Jumpstart – Bica – was born.

Life with Bica

Bica is our favorite dog. We knew she was special when she won Best Puppy a her first Fun Match. She just loved being in the ring, mostly because of the treats, but also because she loves being around people and getting attention. Outside of the ring she loves snuggling up on the couch with you yet when things get a little busy, she’s just as happy in the corner on her dog bed. Bica is wonderful to train with since she is so eager to please; very attentive and obedient. She has good prey drive – she chases and tracks all the little critters running around the yard. Bica once caught a baby bunny in her mouth and proudly brought it to us, with her soft mouth, we were able to return it to its mom and it hopped happily away.

Bica applies an intensity to whatever she is doing – hunting, training, playing keep away and all other sorts of fun. She is a wonderful companion and loving mother to her pups (including her daughter Misty) and a loving grandmother as well (including her grandaughter Sugar Kane).


After starting out quickly winning 9 points including a 3 point major Bica was sidelined with an allergic reaction to a spider bite suffered while she was hunt training. She also took some time off to have a beautiful litter of 11 black and yellow puppies (one of which is our Misty). After some well-deserved relaxation, Bica began showing again, picking up some minor points. In parallel, she rejoined Chuck Hilton of Hiltonhall Labradors for more hunt training and hunt tests. Bica has a strong drive for retrieving in both the field and the water, though she always looks for the shortest swim possible. She received her Junior Hunter title in the Spring of 2008. Weeks later Bica entered the show ring in Puyallup with her professional handler, Tony Carter, and walked out a Champion. Tony says he loves to show Bica because she loves the ring – we think it is all the treats. That same day, her daughter Misty won Reserve Winners Bitch and Zeus took Best of Breed and Group 4.

Bica’s next goal was to achieve her Rally Novice title. After some training and lots of practice, we entered the obedience ring in Portland in 2009. Bica did wonderfully at her first attempt and would have qualified if her handler hadn’t missed the last station! The next day she received her 1st leg towards her Rally title and placed third overall. Later that year, we travelled to the Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Specialty and Gold Creek KC shows in Grass Valley, CA. On the first day, Bica went through the course flawlessly in record time. She not only received her 2nd leg towards her title, but also placed first overall and got to take a victory lap in the show ring with all the other labs that qualified that day. The next day during her test Bica became very curious about all the smells on the ground which took her a bit off course yet she was able to complete the course and qualified to take her 3rd and last leg to receive her Rally Novice title.

Being an American Champion (in conformation), Junior Hunter, and Rally Novice, Bica became our first All-Around Labrador! We’re not sure what’s next for Bica but we’re sure it will be fun!

Road To A Championship

  • 04/16/2006 – Ephrata Moses Lake Kennel Club – WB/BOS (1 Point)
  • 06/04/2006 – Yakima Valley Kennel Club – WB (1 Point)
  • 06/16/2006 – Pocatello Kennel Club – WB (1 Point)
  • 06/22/2006 – Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club – WB/BOS (2 Points)
  • 06/23/2006 – Electric City Kennel Club – WB/BOW/BOS (3 Point Major)
  • 09/30/2006 – Richland Kennel Club – WB/BOS (1 Point)
  • 03/15/2008 – Chintimini Kennel Club – WB/BOS (1 Point)
  • 03/16/2008 – Chintimini Kennel Club – WB/BOS (1 Point)
  • 06/14/2008 – Puyallup Kennel Club – WB (3 Point Major) NEW CHAMP

But wait, there’s more!

  • 08/02/2008 – Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Specialty – Best Hunting Retriever Bitch (Diane Pilbin)
  • 08/07/2010 – Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Specialty – JAM & Best Hunting Retriever Bitch (Valerie Walters)
  • 09/03/2010 – Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club Specialty – Best Hunting Retriever Bitch (Dr. Guillermo Carrillo)
  • 09/04/2010 – Gold Country Kennel Club – BOS (Clay Coady)
  • 08/07/2011 – Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Specialty – Best Hunting Retriever Bitch (Diane Jones) [retired trophy as 3x winner]
  • 10/09/2013 – LRC Specialty – Best of Opposite Sex in Veteran Sweeps (Diann Sullivan)
  • 10/11/2013 – Labrador National Specialty – JAM from Veterans Class (Sharon Grieves)