Cayenne Slideshow

Cayenne’s Pedigree

What’s in a name – The litter theme was “spices” which you would think there would be copious amounts of names to choose from; however, trying many of them out didn’t seem to sound right. “Paprika, Come” “Garlic, Sit”. Since she was the only black puppy in the litter, we naturally thought of pepper yet wanted to turn up the heat a bit so decided to call her Cayenne. Her AKC follows in the footsteps of her father, Gingerbred Wyndrush BlackNDecker – since she is black and spicy. That’s how Gingerbred Smoke N Hot – Cayenne – was born.

Life with Cayenne

Cayenne is our favorite dog. We are lucky to have her as she is the daughter of Gingerbred Pasta Luna “Noodle” (mother of Zeus) who just retired from breeding.  Cayenne is comfortably independent yet prefers the company of other dogs, especially cuddling for naps. She loves to be involved in the action, oftentimes instigating it. Cayenne loves sticks – carrying, chewing, and playing “chase me” with them. She can run like the wind and outmaneuver the best of them usually proudly returning with her stick in tact. As a puppy, Cayenne has a wonderful coat and pretty head – we look forward to watching her mature.


Cayenne’s first conformation show is Linn County in Albany, OR. We are still working on her confidence and fun in the ring – maybe we should bring her stick into the ring?!

Road To A Championship

Hopefully more to come …