Henry (Misty Mountain Hammerin’ Hank) wins WD, his third major at the Rainier Sporting Dog Association on January 12, 2018. Thanks to Judge Fred Hyer for finding Henry and confirming he is not too tall and meets the height standard via the wicket. Toni did a wonderful job handling, including negotiating with Henry between two girls in season during Best of Breed – a new lead had to be purchased! His mom, Memphis, and grandparents, Zeus and Prada are very proud of him.

So excited to share the news of Sassy’s (Misty Mountain Miss Behavin’) first major win as WB at the Tacoma Kennel Club on January, 15, 2018. Thanks to Judge Mareth Kipp for the recognition and thanks to Tonya Struble’s handling crew, including Collen Stone, for presenting Sassy. Diamond is a proud mom and her grandparents, Zeus and Prada, are happy to cheer the beginning of her show career.