DJ Slideshow


DJ’s Pedigree

What’s in a name – The sire and dam of this litter (Zeus and Bala) have been best of friends since puppyhood – they would race and chase around the yard, playing ball and digging. If Zeus got to the toy first, he would always (and still does!) give it to the insistent Bala. We brought these wonderful playmates together and produced some fun-loving pups. Bala’s breeder and co-owner, Christine Tye (Gingerbred Labradors) calls the graceful Bala a “ballerina” so a dance litter theme emerged. To commenmorate Zeus and Bala playtime in the yard and give some “edge” to our “ballerina”, we chose to name her after a percussive form of dance called Stepping – a movie and main character helped with the rest . And that’s how Misty Mountain Stomp the Yard – DJ – was born.

Life with DJ

DJ is our favorite dog. DJ and her siblings were a fun and loving litter with good temperaments – they loved to romp and play much like their mom, Bala, who loves to be where the action is and cannot get enough play time with her ball. DJ likes to also assess the situation so sits and observes before she takes action – much like when her dad, Zeus, was a pup. DJ has a wonderful big coat, good topline, with big bone – much like BOTH of her parents. Two of her sisters (Pandora and Shamrock) moved to California but will be joining her in the show ring. High hopes for DJ her siblings.


  • 05/19/12 – Mt Baker Kennel Club [Col Joe B. Purkhiser] – WB/BOS (3 pts)
  • 05/19/13 – Mt Baker Kennel Club [Suzanne Dillin] – RWB
  • 10/09/13 – LRC Specialty [Sharon Grieves] – 1st Place Open Black
  • 10/10/13 – Labrador National Specialty [Anne Savory Bolus] – 1st Place Open Black