Flash Slideshow


Flash’s Pedigree

What’s in a name – Bringing two wonderful Grand Champions (Zeus and Prada) together for a litter of spectacular pups, none other than a stellar litter theme would fit – so a Diamond theme was chosen. For those who know diamonds, the Whiteflash A Cut Above diamond is at the pinnacle of diamond cut quality. A Cut Above diamond will outshine all others, expressing the full beauty of the gem within. With each glance it will sparkle and flash, putting on its own magical light show. And that’s how Misty Mountain A Cut Above – Flash – was born.

Life with Flash

Flash is our favorite dog.  We had the fortunate opportunity to raise Flash as a puppy until he was nine months old due to the tough entry restrictions for Hawaii where his owner, Lavonne Hara, lived. Diamond and Flash were the best of friends and constant companions since day one – it was tough on Diamond (and on us!) to send Flash home. Only bright side was having a good excuse to visit Hawaii more often. Flash has a wonderfully friendly temperament who eagerly investigates new things, people, and dogs. He has a blast in the show ring and in the water (achieving his WC at his first experience with birds!) – much like his sisters, Diamond and Laeahi. We look forward to all of his successes in the conformation and obedience ring and winning the hearts of Hawaiians.

Road to a Championship

  • 01/21/12 – West Oahu Kennel Club [Bernadette Cox] WD/BOW/BOB/Group 1 (3 pts)
  • 01/22/12 – West Oahu Kennel Club [Robert Shreve] WD/BOW (2 pts)
  • 01/28/12 – Aloha State Sporting Dog Association [Robert Robinson] WD/BOW/BOB/Group 4 (3 pts)
  • 01/29/12 – Labrador Retriever Club of Hawaii Specialty [Patricia Robinson] WD/BOW (3 pts)
  • 03/03/12 – Hawaiian Kennel Club [James White] WD/BOW (1 pt)
  • 03/04/12 – Hawaiian Kennel Club [Houston Clark] WD/BOW (1 pt)
  • 04/14/12 – Winward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Association [Shirley Limoges] WD/BOW (2 pts) – NEW CHAMPION!

Road to a Grand Championship

  • 06/23/12 – Aloha State Sporting Dog Association [Donna Buxton] BOB/Group 1 (5 pts)
  • 06/24/12 – Labrador Retriever Club of Hawaii Specialty [Kenneth Buxton] BISS (5 pts)
  • 06/24/12 – Aloha State Sporting Dog Association [Claire Steidel] Select (1 pt)
  • 08/18/12 – West Oahu Kennel Club [Denny Mounce/Carmen Haller] BOB/Group 4 (5 pts)
  • 08/19/12 – West Oahu Kennel Club [Joseph Gregory] BOS (2 pts)
  • 09/02/12 – Hawaiian Kennel Club [ Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna] BOB/Group 2 (5 pts)
  • 09/03/12 – Valley Isle Kennel Club of Maui [Frank T. Sabella] BOS (3 pts)

Other Accomplishments

  • 09/30/12 – Winward Kennel Club [Helen Lee James] BOB/Group 4
  • 01/26/13 – Aloha State Sporting Dog Association [Daniel Chavez] BOB/Group 4
  • 01/27/13 – Labrador Retriever Club of Hawaii Specialty [Linda Caldwell]  BISS
  • 02/24/13 – Obedience Training Club of Hawaii – BN
  • 03/02/13 – Hawaiian Kennel Club [Roger Hartinger] BOB/Group 2
  • 03/03/13 – Hawaiian Kennel Club [Enrique Filippini] BOB/Group 4
  • 04/13/13 – Winward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Association [Norman Kenney] BOB/Group 1
  • 04/14/13 – Winward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Association [Margaret Jones] BOB/Group 2
  • 06/22/14 – Labrador Retriever Club of Hawaii Specialty [Nancy Talbot] BISS