Laeahi Slideshow


Laeahi’s Pedigree

What’s in a name – Having the great fortune to live with two wonderful Grand Champions (Zeus and Prada) and bringing them together for a litter of spectacular pups, the theme of the litter had to be stellar as well – so we chose a Diamond theme. For this special girl, loved by an Hawaiian family was named after a famous island landmark, Diamond Head (known in Hawaiian as “Laeahi”), along with a little flair of fun – Hula Girl. And that’s how Misty Mountain Diamond Head Hula Girl – Laeahi – was born.

Life with Laeahi

Laeahi is our favorite dog. She is co-owned and loved by Koa Labradors. Laeahi and her siblings were an amazing litter – they were very quiet, calm and “polite” (especially at the dinner bowl!) which we attribute to their mom, Prada, who has a wonderful temperament. Laeahi has a “take charge” attitude, easily taking the lead with the other dogs in the house. She loves the water and loves to retrieve – much like her dad, Zeus. Laeahi has classic structure with great movement – much like BOTH of her parents. She will be joined in the show ring by her sisters (Clarity and Diamond) and brother Flash (who lives in Hawaii). High hopes for Laeahi and her siblings.


Laeahi is active in the show and obedience rings and is fierce in the field. She’s a wonderful all-around and versatile dog.

Road To Her Championships

CANADIAN Championship

September 2011

  • 1st in class and RWB Best puppy in Breed, best puppy in Group at her first show. CKC
  • Working certificate at 6 months.
  • 1st in class and RWB at her 2nd show.CKC

October 2011

  • 1st in class and RWB Best puppy in Breed all 3 days. CKC
  • 2nd in her first all breed sweepstakes class. CKC
  • 1st in class and RWB at the Tradex show.CKC

November 2011

  • 1st in class and RWB Best Puppy in Breed 2 of three days.CKC
  • 1st in 6-9 puppy at first AKC show (whidbey)
  • 2nd in 6-9 puppy 2nd day of Whidbey

December 2011

  • 1st in class and Best Puppy in Breed 2 of 3 days.CKC
    WB, BOW for 4 points. CKC

January 2012

  • RWB to a major, Rose City Classic (J Webb)
  • WB, BOW, Best Puppy. CKC

February 2012

  • WB, BOW, BOS, Best Puppy. CKC
  • WB, BOS, Best Puppy. CKC – New Canadian Champion
  • BOB, Best Puppy. CKC

AMERICAN Championship

  • 06/10/12 – Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers [James Brown] WB/BOS (3 pts)
  • 06/30/12 – Belle Vernon Kennel Association [Valerie Gervais] WB (2 pts)
  • 07/01/12 – Belle Vernon Kennel Association [Jean Austin] WB/BOW (3 pts)
  • 03/10/13 – Seattle Kennel Club [Richard Lopaschuk] WB/BOW (3 pts)
  • 08/18/13 – Olympic Kennel Club [Lisa Warren] WB (1 pt)
  • 08/25/13 – Sammamish Kennel Club (Anna Katona) WB/BOS (1 pt)
  • 09/15/13 – Wenatchee Kennel Club (Eric Ringle) WB/BOW/BOB (2 pts) – NEW CHAMPION

Road To A Grand Championship

  • 09/21/13 – Gig Harbor Kennel Club [Henry (Hank) Williams] BOB (1 pt)
  • 09/22/13 – Gig Harbor Kennel Club [Ken Murray] BOB (1 pt)
  • 10/11/13 – Labrador National Specialty [Sharon Grieves]  JAM
  • 11/17/13 – Whidbey Island Kennel Club [Robert Vandiver] Select (3 pts)
  • 12/07/13 – Greater Clark County Kennel Club [Lewis Bayne] Select (3 pts)