Misty (Misty Mtn Miss Independence) has just relocated to Washinton, D.C. Wow! I just got back from the most amazing experience! A friend of mine has just started up a service dog organization at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. They are having veterans that are affected with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder train service dogs for other veterans with disabilities. They are doing lots of cutting edge research on the dog-human bond and how it can help heal the psychological wounds these great men and women have suffered.

I am so proud that two of our Labradors that are participating in this effort. Misty and her daughter Olive (out of Zeus x Misty) are working with the program. Misty just started, as I dropped her off while I was in Maryland and Olive has been working there since the program’s inception and is one of the most popular dogs with the patients.

I will be writing more about this in Retriever Life but I can honestly say that this trip has changed my life outlook on how important our dogs can be to us.