Sugar JH

Congratulations to the Fab Four! Sugar, Chill, Indy, and Strider.

We had a very productive Sunday! Sugar (CH Misty Mountain Some Like It Hot) finished her Junior Hunter title, Indy is one pass away from his, and Chill and Strider have their first passes under their belts! Chill and Strider are out of First Light Labradors (Sire: Hubble, Dam: Chloe – CH Misty Mountain Red Aces Wild JH CGC)

A huge thank you to Matthew Nolan for all the time, effort, and patience you’ve put into not only our dogs but also into training us handlers! We have come a long way. Also a big thank you to John Abbenhouse for handling all four dogs today as well as putting in so much time and effort into our exuberant pack! — Misha Abbenhouse