Polenta had 8 healthy and happy pups on September 6, 2019. 6 Yellow males, 2 Yellow females. The lucky daddy is Rictor (CH Blue Knight X Force) pictured at right. Find his pedigee at the bottom of the page.
The pups are being raised by a wonderful Italian family who keeps a close eye on Polenta and pups. While the pups are in their home, they will be Italian, thus, the creative names.

Yellow males are available. Follow Gingerbred Farms FB page for updates. Please contact christinetye@vom.com if interested.


CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley CD (Yellow) AKC#: SN47210501 Eng CH Sandylands Gad About (Yellow) Eng SH CH Sandylands My Guy (Black) Eng CH Kupros Master Mariner (Black)
Eng CH Sandylands Bramble (Black)
Eng SH CH Sandylands Bliss (Yellow) Eng CH Trenow Brigadler (Yellow)
Sandylands Rae
Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott Newinn Oak Leaf At Kimvalley (Black) Eng CH Rocheby Royal Oak (Yellow)
Newinn Fire Imp
Kimvalley Last Fling (Black) Kimvalley Legend
Kimvalley Fidjet
CH Misty Mountain Chasin' the Bird (Yellow) AKC#: SR7586701 BISS GCH CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH CGC (Yellow) AKC#: SR4022900 CH Sunset Lubberline Spinnaker (Yellow) AKC#: SR15015803 CH Luberline Martingale (Yellow) AKC#: SN77628201
Sunset Shenanigans (Black) AKC#: SN71876101
CH Gingerbred Pasta Luna (Yellow) AKC#: SR0298120 CH Saddlehill Struttin In The Moonlight (Yellow) AKC#: SN77712901
Hennings Mill Gingerbred ATM (Black) AKC#: SN34892901
BISS GCH CH Ghoststone's The Devil Wears Prada AKC#: SR50920713 CH Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress (Black) AKC#: SR19859002 CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive (Black) AKC#: SN9283630
CH HySpire Ghoststone Gloria (Black) AKC#: SN62860004
CH Ghoststone's Hollywood Blond (Yellow) AKC#: SR22191601 CH Lobuff Bobwhite At Chuklebrook (Yellow) AKC#: SN91419803
CH Ghoststone's Bottle Blond (Yellow) AKC#: SN7304840