Girls (green, pink, no collar) then Boys (red, blue, purple, orange, no collar)


The puppies are enjoying the warmer weather so they can go outside and explore. The second family-puppy visit was a bit wet but much warmer; unfortunately it was so dark that only a few of our pictures turned out. The pups ran around (much more active than last week!) and then fell asleep in warm laps but were rejuvenated when their mom, Prada, came outside for a visit. Orange boy was following Prada around EVERYWHERE! So entertaining. They continue to eat like there’s no tomorrow and some of them are getting the hang of the pine pellets “potty” area. Lots of activity and heavy sleeping. Our litter theme was chosen – Blues and Jazz – and we can’t wait to hear the creative AKC names that the new parents come up with. Hopefully you continue to enjoy them on the puppy cam.

Congrats to the pups’ brother, Flash, who won another Best in Specialty Show last weekend. Read more about it here.