Prada x Zeus pups week 7 group

Prada x Zeus Puppy Visit - Week 7

Thanks to everyone that could make it to the puppy visit to celebrate the pups turning 7 weeks old. Can you find all 8 puppies in the picture? Folks were commenting on much the pups have grown in the last week – they are certainly more active, running up and down the hill, investigating all the nooks and crannies, and play fighting with their siblings. Never a dull moment! With the slightly warmer weather, the pups are staying outside during the day and coming in at night to sleep (safe from the owls and bobcats). Only one short week left before most of the puppies go to their new homes – some puppies are staying a week longer due to some travel/schedule conflicts (okay by me! love having puppies around!). Enjoy the puppy cam for just a little longer.