Puddle Slideshow with cameos of Sugar Kane (mom) and Riggins (brother)


Puddle Pedigree

What’s in a name – The litter theme was obvious – Hollywood Movies. The Dam is Sugar Kane (stage name for Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Some Like it Hot”) and the Sire (Hubble)  is a brother to Prada (MBOSS GCH Ghoststone’s The Devil Wears Prada) whose mother was Holly (CH Ghoststone’s Hollywood Blond) – it’s all in the family. The tough part was to pick the perfect movie for the perfect puppy – so we focused on the classics. A classic that would fit with the Seattle weather. And that’s how Misty Mountain Singin In the Rain – Puddle – was born.

Life with Puddle

Puddle is our favorite dog. Puddle and her siblings were a rambunctious litter yet with loving temperaments – they loved to roughhouse with each other and were quite adventurous, exploring as many new places, sounds, and smells that they could. Their favorite things to do was play “king of the mountain” on an upside down baby pool and look for hidden treasures by digging everywhere possible. Puddle loves playing tug and keepaway with her mom (Sugar Kane) and great grandma (Bica); however, if there’s a loud noise that rouses barks from the pack, she likes to assess the situation by sitting and observing before she takes action – much like her grandfather, Zeus, as a pup. Puddle has a gorgeous coat, nice topline, with lots of bone. Three of her siblings (Scarlett, Norma Jean, and Crash) moved to Colorado and Oregon but will be joining her in the show ring. High hopes for Puddle her siblings.


Puddle has been keeping up with the pack and is focused on playing and chewing … housetraining sometimes crosses her mind …