Scarlett Slideshow with cameos of Chloe (her aunt)


Scarlett Pedigree

What’s in a name – The litter theme was obvious – Hollywood Movies. The Dam is Sugar Kane (stage name for Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Some Like it Hot”) and the Sire (Hubble)  is a brother to Prada (MBOSS GCH Ghoststone’s The Devil Wears Prada) whose mother was Holly (CH Ghoststone’s Hollywood Blond) – it’s all in the family. The classic movie choice was obvious as Kathy’s favorite movie had a beautiful star who the pup could live up to. And that’s how Misty Mountain Gone with the Wind– Scarlett– was born.

Life with Scarlett

Scarlett is our favorite dog. She is loved and co-owned by Toni’s brother and wife, Lou and Kathy. Scarlett and her siblings were a rambunctious litter yet with loving temperaments – they loved to roughhouse with each other and were quite adventurous, exploring as many new places, sounds, and smells that they could. Their favorite things to do was play “king of the mountain” on an upside down baby pool and look for hidden treasures by digging everywhere possible. Scarlett loves playing with her new siblings, Chloe and Annie, and retrieves everything.  She was retrieving bumpers to hand at 9 weeks old! Scarlett has a gorgeous coat, nice topline, and darling head. Three of her siblings (Puddle, Norma Jean, and Crash) in Washington and Oregon will be joining her in the show ring and hunt tests. High hopes for Scarlett her siblings.


Scarlett was house trained in 3 days – once she figured out the dog door (see slideshow above) and looks forward to doing some hunting this winter under the tutelage of her amazing aunt/hunter/retriever, Chloe, who was retrieving doves at 4 months of age, ducks at 5 months, and geese as big as her at 6 months. Many fun times ahead. Read about her busy Summer of 2016.

Road to Championship

  • 09/21/13 – Arapahoe Kennel Club [Ronald Spritzer] WB (2 pts)
  • 10/06/13 – WC
  • 04/12/14 – Terry-All Kennel Club RWB
  • 06/01/14 – Flatirons Kennel Club [Dr Clyde E Shaw] WB (3 pts)
  • 07/20/14 – Roaring Fork Kennel Club [Arley Hussin] RWB
  • 09/07/14 – Evergreen Colorado Kennel Club [Delores Burkholder] RWB (to her half sister, First Light Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out “Ryder” who took WB from the puppy class)
  • 09/21/14 – Arapahoe Kennel Club [Ms Tomas (Alane L) Gomez] WB (3 pts)
  • 08/16/15 – Greeley Kennel Club [Valerie Gervais] WB/BOW/BOS (3 pts)
  • 09/03/16 – Cheyenne Kennel Club [Gloria Geringer] WB/BOS (1 pt)
  • 09/04/16 – Cheyenne Kennel Club [Polly (Mrs. Robert) Smith, Robert Smith] WB/BOB/Group 3 (2 pts)
  • 09/24/16 – Arapahoe Kennel Club [Joe C. Walton] WB (2 pts)

Road to Grand Championship

Scarlett wins BOS in her first showing as a special! Still more wonderful things to come from this “special” girl.

  • 09/25/16 – Arapahoe Kennel Club [Beverly Andersen] BOS (2 pts)