Thor Slideshow

Thor’s Pedigree

What’s in a name – Most of the pups from this wonderful Zeus and Misty litter were donated to Summit Assistance Dogs and became their “H” litter. We were fortunate to keep one boy who wore an orange collar. He particularly stood out because he was larger than the rest (we called him “big guy”) so could have thrown his weight around yet he was very loving. Not having a true litter theme, we chose to maintain an association with his dad (Celestial Thunder) by seeking out an appropriate mythological god. In Norse mythology, there was a god associated with thunder and lightning who was a protector and that seemed to fit this lovely boy. And that’s how Misty Mountain Hammer of the Gods – Thor – was born.

Life With Thor

Thor is our favorite dog. He has an uncanny resemblance to his father (Zeus) though I don’t recall Zeus having quite as much puppy energy as Thor – he doesn’t want to miss anything so is everywhere at once, plays hard and reluctantly takes a nap when he’s too tired. One of the pictures in the slideshow above shows Thor between Flash and Diamond who he thoroughly exhausted playing with them and is patiently waiting for them to wake up. Thor also appears to have inherited from his father chewing up expensive items; they both definitely have fine taste! Thor is co-owned and wonderfully spoiled and loved by the Gevings. We are fortunate that he comes to visit us now and again.

Thor enjoys the show ring, like his full sibling (Champion Sugar Kane) and half siblings (DiamondLaeahi,and Flash) who are catching the judges’ eyes and racking up championship points. We look forward to cheering him and his siblings on their way to their championships.


  • 10/30/11 – Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of British Columbia [Goran Bodegard] – WD/BOW/BOS (5 pts CKC) and Best Puppy
  • 05/19/12 – Mt Baker Kennel Club [Col Joe B. Purkhiser] – WD/BOW (3 pts)
  • 05/20/12 – Mt Baker Kennel Club [Judi Shurb] – WD (3 pts)
  • 06/10/12 – Tacoma Kennel Club [Patricia Ulloa] – WD/BOW (3 pts)
  • 11/18/12 – Whidbey Island Kennel Club [ Linda Riedel] – WD (3 pts)